Monthly Archives: May 2016



A huge WELL DONE to our fantastic Year 6 – Lily, Chrissie, Thomas, Ruth, Anna, Lalita, Taleisha, Tallis, Matthew, Fin, Sophia and Lewis! Well done for all their hard work leading up to and during SATs week.  They had a tough task this year with the introduction of the new curriculum and new testing arrangements, but they rose to the challenge!  Whatever the results, you are ALL superstars to us!

Thank you also to Year 5 who have been fantastic in supporting our Year 6.  Special thanks also go to Ms Spreadbury, Mrs Pearce, Mrs Goulding, Mrs Baumer, Mrs Ralfs and Mrs Rose who have given up their own time and worked tirelessly in supporting Year 6.  THANK YOU!

Now it’s time to begin a production…